Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Faves

* Quote of the Week: "Know what I love?  When I look at my email and your name is there on my list." ~ Jeffrey Lawson

* Blogspiration: Honest to Nod

* Song of the Week: Blues Before Sunrise by John Lee Hooker

* Images of the Week: out the airplane window, compiled by Buzz Feed

* I Dare You Not to Squeal: Giving Medicine to Pandas

* To Make You Smile: Me Without You by Bethany Rubin

* Anticipating: Time with Jeffrey this weekend.  We've both been working crazy hours.  This week I've missed talking to him, holding his hand, laughing together, marveling at Sloane.  I just miss him. 

* PINspiration: Love is in the Air, curated by Isabella εїз

* Some Things I Love: the way Jeffrey always makes my breakfast, my perfectly clean computer desk top, the polka dotted decal on the front of my laptop, gold paint pens, larkspur and ranunculus, the drive through window at our local library, bright pink straws at Braums, new makeup, art fairs, chiming clock towers, watching a single leaf glide to earth

Happy weekend, friends.  


Jeanne said...

These are always a perfect way to start my Friday.
Love all you share.


amelia said...

GAH! That quote . . .

Marilyn said...

Yes, a single leaf floating.

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