Monday, March 9, 2015

a story

the inspiration for a story I wrote for a collaborative art journal with my friend, Robin

He smoked Gitanes one after the other, and she fell in love with him anyway.  Maybe it was the pea coat and skinny jeans with loafers.  Maybe it was that he was French and leaning on the rail of a bridge over the Seine.  Maybe it was the sparkle in his eyes.  But, probably it was that he grinned and caught her eye when she walked by with her sister.  She was used to being invisible when her sister was near.  Choosing her was like choosing the serviceable beige raincoat instead of the red dress with a skirt cut for dancing.

One glance.  One grin. One "tres jolie", and he changed everything.

Maybe she wasn't a beige raincoat.  Maybe she was a pale blue sundress with tiny mother of pearl buttons.  Not made for dancing.  Made instead for everyday beauty.

Oh, she would love that French man for always.

  the original artwork by Robin Laws in an art journal we are creating together


Tracy said...

This is sooo CHARMING in every way, Relyn! I just love that--"Made instead for everyday beauty." :o) I think that's most of us! Happy Days (HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Beautiful story and art works
Love all you share

Love Jeanne

Mac n' Janet said...

/You are going to continue aren't you, please?

HKatz said...

Lovely - I enjoy the different feelings you bring out here, including the insecurity and the flirtation and desire. Even a moment of being appreciated can feel really good.

Marilyn said...

And in just a few words I fell in love. What a lovely very short story.

zooperson said...

Tres bien . What a charming vignette. Beautiful art, beautiful words.

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