Thursday, March 5, 2015

Personal Joys, part two

Here's even more of the good stuff.

2014 in review, part 2

I've enjoyed many photoshoots this year.  Seniors are my favorites.

I was able to visit my niece, and namesake, twice this year.

A friend introduced us to a new music venue, an old Quonset style barn painted aqua blue 
and filled with the music of the Ozarks.  This truck graveyard was in a nearby field.  

We took three trips with my parents this year.  
This is my mom on Tybee Island.

Over spring break, we took a trip south to Tennessee and Georgia.  
It was a real joy to visit our hometown and meet up with old friends.  

These are the flowers from the second grade team's 
back-to-school luncheon.  I am so blessed to work with friends. 

Jeffrey took me on two trips to Tulsa, one of my favorite 
near-by cities, to enjoy two wonderful Broadway shows.

What were some of your favorite joys from last year?


Jeanne said...

My absolute best was my time spent with my Son his wife and their son
while they came to visit us summer of 2014. The best of all.........
I love your postings.
Keep up the great work.
Love Jeanne

Anita said...

You are an amazing photographer! I love your photos and your mother is a beautiful woman.

Debby said...

Amazing photos. So many great memories. The baby is adorable. Your mother is beautiful.

Marilyn said...

I love your JOY's so much.
My #1 JOY was spending a week in Hawaii with the whole family. #2 is each and every minute I get to spend with my little Desmond. and #3 are friends, just like you.

Retired English Teacher said...

Relyn, You really have a gift for photography. You do well with people and objects. You had a wonderful year.

Your mom is absolutely beautiful. She is very youthful.

GraceGal said...

Your photos are wonderful Relyn. What a gorgeous mom you have!

christinelaennec said...

Fantastic photos, Relyn. You are very talented. One my most joyous things from 2014 was my hugely restorative trip to the Isle of Harris. Being back there and seeing friends reminded me that All Will Be Well.

alexa said...

What wonderful photos ... your Mom looks so young! And I love the one of your little niece in the hands of an elder one :). What a splendid collection of trucks. I am sure I won't look nearly as photogenic when I am rusting away!

Suz said...

the aged spotted hand....marvelous against the satin roses and baby skin

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