Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Faves

a favorite tree

* Word Nerdiness:  A to X Writing Advice

* Great Read: Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
* Things I Love: a trip to IKEA in Kansas City, Cardinals baseball on the Fourth, family picnics, reorganizing the drawers and closets every summer, one month off with Jeffrey and Sloane, the gallery wall I made in the laundry room, blue Ball Mason jars, blank journals, deviled eggs, making photo books on Shutterfly, not wearing a watch all summer long

* To Make You Laugh: click on The Hunt
* Images of the Week:  from artist, Gediminas Pranckevicius

* A Song: "Mony Mony" by Billy Idol

* Quote of the Week: "If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try." ~ Seth Godin
* Interior Inspiration: TV and Movie Homes

* In Case You Missed It: The Simple Things


Jeanne said...

Happy Friday. I love all the links you share.
Blessings my friend
Love Jeanne

Mrs. E said...

Your summer sounds delightful! Hope your July is just as wonderful!

amelia said...

I love the writing advice--especially when he admits to losing the "mic" battle. Ha! :)

Marilyn Miller said...

The Hunt trailer, cute. Definitely not wearing my watch this summer. Must make deviled eggs very soon. Picnics with family, the very best.

Sandy K. said...

Love your Friday posts, as always. I always think I should do something like this. I love my lists! Maybe inspiration will strike. 😎

Jennifer Richardson said...

"Bud, not Buddy".....thanks for that tip.
And I love your lists.
I mean really, really love.
You were the one.
I adore lists and you were the one who got me inspired.
So much thanks for that.
And for that gorgeous image of the tree
and blue, blue sky.
Happy July, friend,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yup, that is a pretty awesome tree! Big and strong and beautiful.
xo jj

alexa said...

Another list full of interest :). I marvelled at the other-worldly images - what a great visual story each one is. Thank-you!

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