Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Faves

* Quote of the Week: "One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by."  ~ Jeannette Walls

* Something to Buy: I would love to find a swing like this for our backyard. 

* Some Thing to Make: paper & washi rosettes

* A Song: Since You Went Away by Kris Delmhorst

* Image of the Week: Bags Are Packed by Amelia Rhea

* To Make You Think: Life Tweaks by Laura Vanderkam

* To Listen: the only surviving recording of Virginia Wolf

* BLOGspiration: Anne Voskamp's Unwrapping Summer Series 

* Anticipating: the back to school furor settling into a steady, doable rhythm

  * In Case You Missed It: I Wish

* Some Things I Love: hammock time, flowers, surprise ice cream dates with Sloane, sharing laughter with my students, tall tales, mailboxes filled with magazines, morning quiet times, the orchid on my dining room table, IKEA, glitter stars hanging from the mantle, lotioned foot massages, when Sloane has friends sleep over, the way wax melted down a candle is always beautiful...

Happy weekend, friends.  What do you have planned?


Jeanne said...

I always look forward to your blog postings especially the ones on Fridays. So lovely
Happy weekend my friend
Love Jeanne

miruspeg said...

I really enjoyed reading your "I Wish" post again Relyn.
I'm volunteering at the Lifeline Booksale this weekend and raising money for their vital services. Having fun too because I am surrounded by books!
Keep shining dear friend.
Peggy xxxxx

Retired English Teacher said...

Wow, just Wow. What a great list. And I loved hearing Virginia Woolf.

joyce said...

I like your quote of the week and your something to make and your something to buy which could also be something to make......Thank you for sharing!

amelia said...

I do love vintage inspired photos . . . fresh flowers . . . quiet mornings . . . laughter . . . IKEA . . . your Friday lists. Sigh.

Marilyn Miller said...

I love the swing, the image is wonderful and I am following her now, and I am coming back to listen more to Virginia Wolf. I loved hearing her voice. Have a delightful week at school. Oh IKEA, my grandson loves going there. And mailboxes filled with magazines.

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