Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Break, day 3 (for me)

August Break, day 7 prompt: 5 Facts About Me

5 Facts About Me
1)  Jeffrey and I are saving for a big 25th anniversary trip in two summers.  This summer we took a tiny and wonderful trip to Kansas City and kept saving.  The picture above is us at The Starlight Theater about to see Mary Poppins.  What a wonderful evening!

2)  I'm a third grade teacher.  This is my first day back to school, which makes it the longest, hardest, and happiest day of the year for me.  I'm looking forward to dinner tonight and hearing all about Sloane's first day of eighth grade.

3)  I just got a new Cannon.  I tutored all year long last year to buy it, and now I am too nervous to start using it.  Silly, hunh?

4)  I love makeup.  I mean, I really love makeup.  Sloane loves it, too, which is a fun thing to share.

5)  I never read just one book at a time.  Currently, I have 6 going.

What about you?  Tell me something.


S. Etole said...

They are all fun facts. Would love to know more about that new camera!

beth said...

6 books at once? oh my gosh….the one i just started is ridiculous as far as keeping track of all the characters…so more than one book?…..i think i'd get a headache! BUT gosh, i've read some good ones so far this summer :)

Mrs. E said...

You look so happy in the picture! Love your smile!

Retired English Teacher said...

We will celebrate 25 years in two years also! You are an interesting lady. I hope your day was awesome.

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh yes! Saving for a special trip is soooo worth it. We are saving for a special trip next May. I have a love/hate relationship with makeup, mostly I avoid it. I can't imagine 6 books at once, 2 is my limit at a time, maybe 3 if the third is poetry. I am doing August break, but mostly on the Flickr group. I did do the 5 things about me on my blog.

Claire said...

Oh I hope back to school went well! It's going to be so weird not doing that this year.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous my lovely friend
I love you

amelia said...

What a great photo of you two lovebirds! :)

What camera did you get? I keep thinking I'll get a new one--but I'm afraid I would be the same way. Maybe I'll just have my old one serviced (actually, I should have done that before I headed to Sweden-oh well, live and learn). Ha!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo - good to see Jeffrey looking well. I can understand your nervousness about your new camera. It takes me a long time to get a new piece of equipment, and then to begin to use it. School started on the 13th here in Glasgow, though in other parts of Scotland it doesn't begin until next week. In Scotland, there are 11 or 12 weeks off school a year: 6 weeks off in the summer, one or two in October, two at Christmas/New Year, two at Easter. Fun fact for today!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy almost 25th anniversary! That's a wonderful and joyful milestone!

Hope you have a great class this year!

My step daughter teaches 3rd grade as well. She loves it and always says that by the 3rd grade "the kids all know what take one and pass it on means!" IT makes life so much easier :-)

xo jj

alexa said...

That's a very happy photo :). And congratulations on your soon-to-be 25th - keep planning! Me? Now, what can I tell you ... I used to teach too, and remember the first day back as being totally exhausting as I tried to learn all the names of the 150 or so students who passed through my classroom in the course of the day!

HKatz said...

Fact #5 is true of me as well :) Usually it's different types of books going at the same time.

Lovely photo too - wishing you a wonderful new school year. My summer break was a few days of vacation in Boston with a day trip to Provincetown (which was beautiful)

Sandy K. said...

You will love your Canon - I have never wanted a different camera. Well, at least not a different brand. :)
I agree that the first day of school is challenging - even at the University level where I have evolved to. When I taught middle school, it was much more hair-raising, though! :)

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