Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things We Should Say More Often

Each year, my students love Kid President.  This video of his inspired a list of our own.


Things We Should Say More Often
Inspired by Kid President

Say, "Thank you!" to teachers and other people who help us.
"You are nice."
"It is not OK to be mean to people."
"WOW!  You rock!"
"Thank you." a lot more than we do.
"Please be nice."
"No farting during class."
"You are awesome!"
"Wow!  You are really good at that."
"It’s OK to be sad sometimes."
"I like you, you are funny."  Don’t say it if they aren’t funny.
"Amen" after you pray.
"You are SO cool."
"Good job!"
"Good try."
"Don’t worry – you’ll do better next time."
"Better luck next time.  I know you can do it."

Happy Back to School, friends. 


Jeanne said...

I am glad you are my friend and in my life
I love your postings
Love Jeanne

Mocadeaux said...

Great list! I love Kid President. Surprise corn dogs for everyone!

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