Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Faves

second grade self-potrait as a bobble head doll

* Song of the Week: Happy by Farrell Williams (I'm playing this on the first day so we can boogie.)

* To Make You Think: What Would My Mom Do (I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this one.)

* Image of the Week: Old School by Erin Wheeler

* Learn Something:10 Things To Make You Happier

* To Make You Laugh: BBC DVD ad

* BLOGspiration: Tyler Knott Gregson (one of my favorite poets)

  * In Case You Missed It: Why Don't You?

* Some Things I Love:  Back to school time, school supply and first day outfit shopping with Sloane, taking first day of school pictures, that final weekend before school officially begins, popsicles, the sound of the ice cream truck, middle-of-the-night thunder storms, purple Bic cristal pens, tote bags (I have a small obsession.), and blog comments...

Happy weekend, friends.  What fun do you have planned?


Retired English Teacher said...

I would argue that making them the center of the universe is actually terribly detrimental. A good parent prepares the child for the path, not the path for the child. We can still demonstrate gentle and attached parenting without raising children who melt on a warm day. This line rings true for me. I was a mom in the 70's, so I can't be totally objective, but I agree with the author's perspective.

Great post. Love your Friday Favs. Have I said that before?

Marilyn Miller said...

Fascinating articles on What Mom would do. I am so proud of my daughter raising her son. He can entertain himself and loves to learn and books because he is only allowed 1/2 hour of screen time a day, he eats his veggies because that is what is expected. She is stricter than I ever was, but I can see the results of her good work. Love Pharell's Happy song.

Mrs. E said...

Best part of my week!

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