Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Faves

January weather
* Film Fancies: The Most Beautiful Thing

* I've Got a Thing For: harmonicas

* Song of the Week: Bluestone Alley; This gorgeous music was composed by Congfei Wei for Piano Tiles2

* Book Love:  The Book Thief, my review

* Anticipating: a quiet weekend at home, letting Sloane rest and recover from her recent concussion

* To Make You Think: Why I'm Doing Something I Don't Like Doing Today by Jon Acuff

  * In Case You Missed It: Twenty One Years

* Some Things I Love: Wasabi almonds, orthodontists and the smiles they make, the new Shutterfly calendar I just made of some of my favorite images, when my class is piled up reading, thoughtful friends, tidiness, intentionality, Flair pens, weekends...
Happy weekend, friends.


Sally Wessely said...

Relyn, thank you for making my morning again with your Friday Faves. I loved the short film. You enrich my life so much by finding these treasures to share.

I also appreciate your review of The Book Thief. I bought the book because it was story of the Holocaust. Like you, I've read many, many other books dealing with this topic. I read two, maybe three pages and was horrified when I encountered Death telling the story. I slammed the book closed and never picked it up again until I finally picked it up to put in a donation bag for the Goodwill. I have never, ever, not read at least the first chapter of a book.

Also, loved reading the story of your marriage. You have been blessed. God is good.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jeanne said...

I love your blog especially the Friday postings I loved that short film so much
Love Jeanne

I am glad Sloane is coming along so wonderful.

gkgirl said...

hi there!

happy to hear that Sloane is doing better!
scary stuff!

and looking forward to reading
your review of the book thief...
and LOVED the link to
anniversary photo/story...
you two are so cute!!!

Marilyn Miller said...

Hope Sloane is back to normal as much as possible. I always enjoy your Friday posts. Reading with your class would be wonderful.

HKatz said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better.

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