Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Faves

photographing light in the oddest places

* A Song: "Amazing Grace" by Alaska Reid

* Things I Love: snow days you can plan for, getting stuff done, the gallery wall in my laundry room, typography, bifocals with no line, big rings, lots of bangle bracelets, Milkyway Dark Minis, the feel of freshly shaved legs, kissing, kids who are glad to be back to school, morning tutoring sessions complete with breakfast snacks...

* To Make You Laugh: Chicago's Magical Piano

* Story Corp: Are you familiar with the Story Corp project?  I love it!  Here is Sloane's interview of me, in case you've been dying to hear my voice. ;O)

* Quote of the Week: "Nothing is so necessary for man as the company of intelligent women."  ~ Leo Tolstoy

* Images of the Week: Castello di Padernello by Goethe58

* Pinspiration: Wisdom: Intentional Parenting curated by me

* In Case You Missed It: Of Plums and Delight

Happy weekend, friends.


alexa said...

I've enjoyed your links and list- getting stuff done is high on my enjoyment scale too. So glad I got a chance to read your Pluns,and Delight story ...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Tolstoy! Gotta love that guy ;-)
Happy New year!
xo jj

amelia said...

Oh, that song was a perfect way to start the day/week. Thank you!

Marilyn Miller said...

I have visited several times and thought alot about the beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace and that Magical Piano. The piano video just makes me smile. For some reason I haven't left a comment, but wanted you to know I have been here. Hope life is settling down this week and Sloane had a good day of school today.

Claire said...

Oh, snow days :)

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