Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Impossible Things, Part 2

I was recently describing my home to a friend who hasn't visited yet, and I remembered my Impossible Things post. I realized that I never did share my list with you. So, here it is. A little bit of eye candy and some
Improbable Things I Long For...
  • trampoline and net for our backyard
  • Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck
  • old white work French boutis (type of quilting)
  • kitchen big enough for two grown ups and one child at the same time
  • swing like the one in the gorgeous movie Secret Garden
  • more flat surfaces in my house to create pretty vignettes
  • a gorgeous, white mantle and generous hearth
  • to have a cutting garden and grow Iceland poppies
  • armfuls of fresh flowers every single Friday afternoon
  • the perfect canvas messenger bag for Jeffrey
  • many, many more vintage Japanese fishing floats for their gorgeous blue-green color
  • three Endless Summer hydrangea bushes
  • aged marble or terracotta bust of a very pretty girl with a flower in her hair. (I want to decorate her seasonally. You know, a Santa hat at Christmas and daisy wreath in the summer. The only ones I could ever afford are brand new. So, the first thing I would do is leave her outside for the summer. Get her nice and beat up and vintage-y looking.)
  • a custom silhouette by Sharyn Sowell
  • more big round mirrors (from old dressers) for my collection
  • a window seat in a second floor window with a gorgeous view (a pile of favorite books, two pillows, and a cozy throw nearby)
  • silver Cinni fan
  • Airstream trailer
  • huge, round patina-ed something - clockworks maybe - to go over my mantle
  • hardwood floors throughout my house
  • an Aubusson rug
  • two tickets to Wicked when it travels to Kansas City

What do you long for?
Happy dreaming. Sursum corda.
The photographs here are from Toast.


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am going to have to find out what some of these are... hmmm.. for future reference. Thanks for all the fun things you introduce me to! Can you believe I am still up on a school night at 11:19 and I don't even want to go to bed with a field trip tomorrow???? Oyiyi Yi!

tangobaby said...

This is way too fun!

What do I wish for? My goodness, where to start?

A gift of a Julia Morgan bungalow (furnished with Stickley) situated one block from where I live now (on a quieter street).

A 1956 Bentley coupe at my disposal. Any color will do. I don't need to own it, just to borrow it once in a while.

For my fencing master to relocate to San Francisco and give me private lessons.

Season tickets to the ballet.

Trapeze classes at the circus school, if I get up the courage.

A dishwasher.

A MacBook Pro, all souped up and ready to go.


studio wellspring said...

i think my list will be too long for a blog comment ~ but thanks for reminding me that this is just the sort of thing i need to do. the first few things that come to mind:
a large garden with vegetables, herbs & flowers,
my own cottage to live in so i don't have to rent anymore,
a wardrobe stocked from anthropologie,
regular visits to italy & argentina,
a vintage jaguar & a vintage ford pick-up truck both with modern motors,
new-to-me furniture for my entire house found at flea markets & antique shops & estate sales,
snow sports in whistler bc every winter,
to see fireflies every summer,
huge family reunions with all my family in arkansas every year,
fall in love.

Latharia said...

Ooooh...I'd need a giant tree for the Secret Garden Swing ... but that's very cool. We've already come up with our wishes in our 101 list (the link to the original list is on the right hand sidebar) :)

Something White said...

Dear Relyn, thank you so much for your nice words! I'm glad to meet you and to discover your world, your home and thoughts. I'll definitely add your link to my list as I love to know more about other people's interior-choises and wishes! And in the blogger-world I discover 'international' ideas which is great :D
Those pictures from 'Toast' are very nice. I like the simplicity of those rooms. Sunny greetings from Belgium, Marjolijn

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Relyn, your blog is absolutely wonderful! This is my first visit and I'll definitely be back to see you ~ you have a such an eye for beauty ~ xxoo, Dawn

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