Monday, July 14, 2008

E is for...

* Ex Libris * enigma * Egypt *Ella Fitzgerald, singer * eggs: devilled, brown, farm, with cheese * eggs: Benedict, green with ham * eggs: robin’s, hummingbird, ostrich * Elizabeth Berg, author * Eeyore * elegance * Enchanted April * exotic animals * eerie stories * exuberance * Ennio Morricone, composer * experiments * eagles’ aeries * elevation maps * Ethel Lawson, mother-in-law extraordinaire * earmuffs * eye candy * elephants * equinox: vernal & autumnal * ephemera * early bird special * emeralds * esprit de corps * elementary school * Easter * elaborations * etc. * enduring love * evensong * escalators * Éclairs * egg rolls * elevenses * equality * Eva Cassidy, singer * encyclopedias * Ender’s Game * eclipse: lunar, solar * eyes: blue, hazel, green, brown, grey, kaleidoscope * elevators * empathy * Enterprise NC 1701-D * earrings * eloquence * ethereal images * Edgar Degas, painter & sculptor * excellence * eager young readers * Emerald City * embarking on new endeavors * electricity * excitement * eyeliner * effervescence * Emma Woodhouse * equatorial destinations * elves * Edith Piaf * entomologists * epaulets * Elmer’s glue * eternity in a grain of sand * Edgar Allen Poe, author * escape hatches * engagement rings * express mail * enticing invitations * each other *

Don't you just love the alphabet?

To see more work from these excellent photographers, click the individual links. E, monceau. Ex Libris, Michael de Oz. Egypt, Xavier Fargas. Egg, Crazy**RN. To find out more about the Alphabetica project, see the sidebar. To see the entire project so far, click on the Alphabetica label at the end of this post.


Jaime said...

There are so many lovely E words here, and many are wonderfully nostalgic...but strangely, it's a k word that I loved most.
My eyes are not a definite colour, and I never really know what to say when someone asks me what colour they are. But now I have an answer...kaleidoscope. Never heard that before. Love it!

Krista said...

All of your alphabetica posts are great, but I really, really love this one! "Especially" escape hatches and elevenses!


tangobaby said...

My favorite E-word beside eclairs (no whipped cream, just custard filling, thank you) is endoplasmic reticulum. I remember learning that term in cellular biology years ago and for some reason, it really stuck with me.

It's fun to say, I guess.

TheElementary said...

I do like your alphabet posts!
Edgar Allen Poe- how great that he is in there too. You have good taste.
Excellent :)

My Castle in Spain said...

oh--i think my 1st pick would be definitely "Eclairs" (coffee, please).

Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf for ever, that's for sure

Egypt...i remember you said you went to Cairo..this i envy !!

but my favorite is "enduring love"!

This was Exciting Relyn!

ps: i think little Sloane would like my monday post :-)

Yoli said...

Egypt, oh how I dream of going there one day. Thank you for enlightening us as always, sweet Relyn.

robin-bird said...

this alphabeticus is turning into quite an 'educational' project my dear :)

The Lil Bee said...

I do love the alphabet, I do! And I so love eternity in a grain of sand and each other.

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