Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inspiration Everywhere

I wrote a this some time ago to share just a little of the incredible inspiration I find in my travels around the blogiverse. Since then, I have amassed a favorites folder full of wonderful posts. Here is a sampling of my favorite blog posts ever. I hope it brings a bit of joy to your winter weekend. Rest and play, my friends, rest and play. Our souls need more of both.
~ Start here for wishes and dreams.

~ Here is where you will find beauty in the most surprising of things.

~ Discover one of my favorite pictures. Ever.

~ This is a reminder we all need from time to time.

~ Click here if you've ever wanted to keep a journal.

~ Here to find out some of the best news. Ever.

~ And, finally, here for one of my favorite images, and words to melt your heart.

What are some of your favorite posts? Your own and others, I mean.

Rest by DanielKHC. Play by jasfitz.


ELK said...

these are truly great choices...and the thought of my favs has me skipping off...back later!

avtcoach said...

You are right,there is inspiration everywhere. I took the time to go to these blogs and they are insiring. I love to be directed to new blogs. I had not seen any of these. Thank you!

Jeanne said...

Everything is fabulous
As are you
Love and kisses
It's cold and snowing here again.
When is Spring?

Jaime said...

Oh sweet Relyn...

I noticed a surge in my visitor count this morning and noticed most of them were coming through you. And what should I find when I followed the trail but the most lovely list of magic and inspiration.

You always have a way of bringing sunshine into my day.
Lots of love

Caroline said...

Great post Relyn...I love visiting new inspiring places!

jae said...

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers for the family in my little hometown. You must also be from a very small town to recognize that the whole community needs your prayers. At a time when everything must be unimaginable, I'm know the kindness of strangers is greatly appreciated.

smith kaich jones said...

You may send me an invoice for what I owe you for these wonderful glimpses into other places. Relyn's Travel Service. I am most grateful & you are most generous.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

:) Debi

Patti said...

Relyn~ These are beautiful posts- what wonderful choices and snippets of fantastic-ness there are out in The Land of Blogs. Enjoy your day!

I will be working on answering your questions later today- looking forward to it!

paris parfait said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

spread your wings said...

thank you for sharing these - wonderful new inspirations

dutchbaby said...

I enjoyed my stroll through Blogland with you as my tourguide. The photo of the fluttering skirt is a dream!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I so enjoyed my visit with you, and your favorites! Thank you for the lovely tour.

Jessica said...

It was so neat to read where your inspiration comes from- and those photos you love are amazing. Here's to much more inspiration this year!

cathleen said...

Looking forward to reading these, Relyn...thank you for always being so uplifting and positive.

Tricia said...

thank you, dearest relyn.

Connie said...

Thank you most kindly...I enjoyed visiting and getting more inspired.

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

I too have enjoyed seeing a little bit more of your inspirations. A lovely list.

Christina said...

Thank you, dear friend. This picture has grown on me. I never looked at it as "mine" until recently. so many beautiful things happen that day. The day began with a present of a new camera lens, from my husband. He knew it was out of our budget and I was afraid to use it. So glad he urged me to follow him to one of my favorite places. The water.

I can't wait to visit all the links. I adore the inspiration these blogs hold. ; )

susanna said...

Oooh, these are good links. That reminder is so spot on, don't you think? And it goes so well with the photograph. I couldn't open the best news ever - so what is it???
And Tricia and her daughter's evening on the grass was truly magical.

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