Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I've Been Doing...

taking walks
wrapping gifts
grading papers
eating strawberries
singing loud and long
doing too much housework
planning for someone's birthday
getting the rest I've been needing
discovering happy-making, new-to-me music
anticipating happy adventures & welcome company
visiting art museums with gorgeous gardens
writing long over-due thank you notes
testing students for too many days
staying up too late and watching
finishing up the Sparkle Room
wishing for more peonies
just plain stealing ideas
reading lots of books
picking up the slack
finding inspiration
taking pictures

What have you been up to?

These photos were taken at the beautiful Philbrook Art Museum during Spring Break.


sas said...

Well with such a spectacular list how can we begrudge a little rest from blogging?


Anonymous said...

You've been very busy Relyn.
Doing many lovely things.

beth said...

and it all sounds beautiful and perfect and you !!!

ELK said...

i have really missed hearing about your amazing world...i feel all caught up, what a list of happy moments!

Char said...

what lovely things to be doing. and yum, wonderful right now.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Glad to know you are laughing! Love your list. And the diamond shape you were able to compose it into! Beuatiful photo too!

SE'LAH... said...

You're wonderfully talented. Glad you enjoyed your Spring Break.

I've been awaiting your return ;-)

Marilyn Miller said...

I have been eating strawberries too. Also walking on the beach, taking pictures, and enjoying the sunshine in Oregon.

Joanne said...

We share some interests ... I've been taking pictures, reading, walking, walking, walking (I love to walk), visiting museums, listening to music - always! Reading your list is a nice reminder how wonderful life is in the everyday.

Miko's Girl said...

Lovely list! Lovely redbud (I have one of these too). I have been in Florida visiting the in-laws, several princesses, a St Augustine tourist site or two, and hanging out on the dock while my kids mimic Jackson Pollack with water on the dock and my husband fishes....

Patti said...

Beautiful pictures~ must be a lovely place! Love the list....what is a sparkle room? It sounds wonderful! Hope this week is a little more back to normal!

moonshin said...

Glad to have you back, Relyn. how are you feeling?

for me, it's the same old thing these past few days - exam, exam, exam....

beautiful pictures by the way - simply love the serenity about them =)

Enep said...

great look. you manage the display of your post greatly :--D

Derrick said...

Hi Relyn,

I hope you get the peonies and that the birthday plans go with a swing!

I enjoyed the music too!

Jeanie said...

You HAVE been busy! And it all sounds delightful! I have been baking cookies to thank people who've driven me about while I can't, reading books like a crazy lady and waiting minute by minute for my sling to come off so I can begin to play in paint and glue!

I love your beautiful redbud tree!

Jaime said...

Aren't peonies wonderful?
I just love them.


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