Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mom, you asked for it...

Week 21 of the Wednesday Lists
How can I possibly be turning 40 in a few weeks?

my heart

What I Want for My Birthday
  • to accomplish everything on my BIG list
  • a hundred yellow balloons
  • flowers - lots and lots and lots of ranunculus would be just about perfect
  • to not mind all the gray that peppers my dark hair
  • to hear from old friends
  • for Arlen to be completely well
  • streamers and confetti
  • songs, lots and lots of people singing that annoying birthday song to me
  • for that faint, niggling bother about my age to magically dissolve
  • a trip to Disney at Christmas
  • handmade cards and long, newsy letters
  • new shutters and house numbers
  • a piece of Godiva cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory
  • a new, super-amazing lens for JD
  • an old record player; the kind that came in a suitcase and the suitcase was covered in huge, ugly orange and brown flowers
  • a day just to play with Jeffrey and Sloane
  • a day all by myself to think and dream and be - and browse in a bookstore
  • a massage
  • and, of course - peace on Earth, good will toward men
The truth is, I already have everything that really matters. Just look at my family. Oh, I know I am a woman blessed.

I took this picture of Jeffrey and Sloane last weekend. I'm getting it printed - huge.


Jo said...

Great list - I'm sending get well soon wishes to Arlen. That's such a beautiful picture - it'll look stunning outsize. The age thing? We all feel it, hun. I'm sure it's more of a girl-thing. Bet Jeffrey thinks you're still beautiful and more gorgeous than the day he met you, right?!

Have a lovely day,

Debbie said...

Excellent list. Gray hair is good (as I would know). Embrace the gray. Love the gray. Stand firm in the gray.

ELK said...

what a fabulous photo of the two sweeties in your life..i just love it..your lists are always so inspiring too

beth said...

when is your birthday......

and yes, you are truly blessed.

Amy ♥ DailyPleasures said...

What a gorgeous picture. I love it! You know, Relyn, I know you're still finding your niche in photography, but I must say that you excel in portraits. Your mama and solemn baby shots were amazing, too.

Happy, happy birthday!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Wishing you all of that and year ahead that is filled with many blessings and peace!

40 is wonderful, you'll love it!


Relyn said...

Beth - September 23rd. I love the date of my birthday. Some years it's actually the first day of autumn.

Dandy said...

Oh Relyn your birthday is right at the equinox! I've always wanted my birthday to fall on the 22nd or 23rd. i miss it by 10 days.

I love ranuculus and they really suit you.. they have such a romantic vintage look about them.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

To some of us, 40 sounds young. Well, not sounds like what we think we are and then we remember that was several years ago.

You can fix that gray issue.

I'll be at Disney for is a fun, crowded and crazy place to spend the holiday.

Dawn said...

I just turned 46 and birthdays are getting better and better!!! Yay for you for seeing that you have all that you truly need! Aren't you blessed! But a Disney Christmas sounds fun too.

Oliag said...

Since I will be turning 60 this year I think I can honestly say that 40 is very young:)

Hope you get every single thing on that list!!

Georgianna said...

This is a really beautiful and soulful portrait of your two loves, Relyn. I am struck by how direct their gaze is and how full of love.

I dreaded my 40th birthday for six months beforehand. I kept looking in the mirror and thinking how could it be? Once the birthday happened, it was no big deal and I haven't stressed about a birthday since. Somehow that one seems a big milestone but I know YOU will just be getting better. :)

GraceGal said...

I love your list. It's full of heart :)

Suz said...

Oh my'll never guess...last week there was such a record player at the goodwill store
I almost bought it..memories...then i said ..girl you are going to be 60...please..
Oh I'm sorry you didn't wrtie your list last week....
but Happy happy birthday of 40 when it is a great time of

krista said...

i sat embrace the gray as well.
or maybe i'm just talking to myself. :-)

Marilyn said...

Turning 40 is a time of enchantment and so many possibilites. Celebrate with those yellow balloons and many songs of Happy Birthday, but it is a time to rejoice and celebrate. Spend that time alone too and make a list of your dreams yet unfulfilled. Then go for it, girl, life is so worth filling with joy and family.

Tracy said...

I can sing the annoying birthday song to you! I can make it even MORE annoying!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

And how will you spend your day, Ms. Relyn?! If you were here, I'd be giving you a massage (that's what I do)! Wishing you such a wonderful birthday with your most precious family!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I love that you have a big ole list of things you want. I vote for the massage, it's the perfect birthday treat in my opinion!

Sending you lots of pre-birthday happy wishes!

xo Mary Jo

The Hausfrau said...

This was nice to read. You certainly have been blessed! Hope you get some delightful birthday treats.

I've struggled with the number 40, too--I'm really having to tell myself that it truly should be about how old we feel!

Tracy said...

This is the sweetest list, Relyn! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! When's the big day, then? :o) ((HUGS))

Kamana said...

excellent list! hope you get to experience most, if not all of them!

Derrick said...

Wait until you have another decade to add on, Relyn. There'll be no faint niggles then!

Mrs. E said...

I'm all about the lists!! Love it!!

maggie said...

When reading your list Relyn I reflect on all the things I want and really it isn't the 'things' is it, it is inner peace and happiness and they might come in ways I have never even dreamed of.
So on your Birthday I wish you inner peace & happiness and 100 yellow balloons.
So great to see that fab shot of Jeffery & Sloane.

Gayle said...

What a wonderful list! I love your photo of your sweeties. They have the most beautiful, loving expressions in it!

lakeviewer said...

You're at the most exciting time of life, lots to do, lots to accomplish, lots to love. Enjoy and Happy 40th!

KindredSpirit said...

Awww lovely picture.

I think your list looks entirely reasonable!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh Relyn,
those are good faces:)
And your birthday list
...I concur on every item!!!
May you be celebrated
for at least a week or more:)

Elle Bee said...

What a gorgeous photo! I love that one of your wishes is just to play with Jeffrey and Sloane. Aren't those days the best?!

PS I have a Jeffrey of my own.♥ :o)

Erin Wallace said...

When is your birthday? Mine is the 18th. The cheesecake would be good, but it's like you say, my family is enough (more than enough sometimes!).

xo Erin

Krissy said...

a hundred yellow balloons! I LOVE THAT!!!

(what a sweet photo!)

Southern Drawl said...

You, Relyn, always make me cry... ;)

Amy said...

It's a tad alarming how alike we are ... I LOVE your birthday wishes. Just the thought of yellow balloons, streamers, and Disney at Christmas makes me smile!

Although, I'd have to opt for the Dulche de leche cheesecake. :)

Elyse said...

They are just about as cute as they can get. I see why you wanna blow it up big.

robin-bird said...

perfect! beautifu!l stunning shot!! they are wonderful those two!!

love you my sweet girl

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