Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Passion for Earth

I'm excited to have my good friend, Dulcy of
Dulcy's Doorstep, posting here today. We taught in side-by-side classrooms for six years. She was my mentor when I began teaching, and immediately became a good friend, for we are kindred spirits. We haven't taught together in four years now. I miss her still.

Relyn has been kind enough to ask me to write a bit about my personal passion for her “April Month of Passions”. Actually, her timing is good because I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the word “passion”. It seems as though I’m seeing that word all over the place lately, especially out here in blogland.

As I thought about what to write, I wondered, “What exactly is my personal passion?” This is what I came up with.

I can honestly share with you that my true passion is love for the earth and all it holds. I think of the earth as an actual living being and love it as though I could hold it or speak to it. When it’s broken, as now in Japan, it makes me very sad.

My creative way of expressing myself artistically about this passion, is through rug designing and hooking…. also painting with pastels. My subject matter is almost always creatures, flora, and fauna. I take nature walks several days a week, and that is one way that I stay close to the earth and become inspired. I like to collect books with lots of drawings from nature, and also gardening. One of my current favorite finds is “The Country Diary of Edwardian Lady” by Edith Holden. I also like to collect rocks, leaves, feathers, nuts, shells, whatever… and have those items displayed about my home. These earthly items make me feel warm and happy.

I’ve learned that I’ve grown the most artistically when I take classes or workshops in my areas of interest. I’m passionate about that. I believe that connecting and learning from other artists is vital to keeping my creative energy flowing and changing. Workshops are a great way to experience the collective energy of the group and, of course, learn much more about your craft. Working one-on-one with a teacher can be a wonderful opportunity to create a mentoring relationship. It’s nice to have someone experienced, who shares your passion, to go to or contact with questions, insecurities, and hopes.

Another way I stay inspired is belonging to an art group. I’ve just recently joined a group of about seven or eight women. All are artists, and we meet once a month. We talk about our artistic life, hopes, and dreams. We’re currently reading a book titled “Standing At The Waters Edge” by Anne Paris. This month, I’m sharing my experience of blogging with the group. Blogging has introduced me to so many lovely and talented people. My life has grown and changed immensely since I started to blog four years ago.

I do have a creative code that I currently live by, and that is “to do art every day.” This is very important to me! Sometimes doing art can mean working on a pastel, a rug hooking design, reading inspiring literature, taking an art field trip with a friend, or just plain looking at gorgeous catalogs and magazines that inspire me creatively. My current loves are “Gudrun Sjoden” (fabulous fabric designs), “Selvedge” (wonderful to read about fabric, design, and what’s happening with all things fiber) and the British edition of “Country Living” (they really get it right when it comes to bringing nature and the home together).

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this little bit about me. I’m looking forward to reading about other’s passions here this month, and making some new blogging pals. And now, it’s time to take a lovely walk outside. The red buds are in bloom, robins are everywhere, and the sky is so blue!




Roban said...

Dulcy, I'm looking forward to visiting your blog and seeing more of your beautiful art. I also love how you incorporate art into your daily life. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Oh, I love the idea of incorporating art into everyday ... I love the British Addition of Country Living too. I'll have to check the others out as well!

susanna said...

Gorgeous rughooking, Dulcy (and what a great name you have, too)! I love the idea that you can take strips of old blankets, clothing, etc. and create something beautiful and functional with them. The way the wool is hooked between the flowers and the butterflies on the bag pattern give the impression of wind blowing through the garden.

Scrappy Grams said...

Thank you, Dulcy, for sharing your passion. Your art is lovely!

Suz said...

wow I like you!

Marilyn said...

Loving reading about passion. Nature is definitely worth being passionate about. Your rugs are beautiful. Oh how I would love a group of women artists to meet with regularly.

Rita said...

Relyn, thanks for sharing Dulcy with us. It's been a long time since I've seen her. Dulcy, thank you for sharing your ideas with us today. I hope you are enjoying those daily walks in nature and that the weather will continue for you to keep going. Lovely post!

dulcy said...

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments, and especially to Relyn for being so kind to invite others to share on her blog. I am anxiously waiting to see who else will appear this month! Such fun!

meeta said...

Dulcy an amazing passion, I can relate to it, as earth is my passion too, I can spend hours together in the company of nature, the delight I find in nature is an unparalleled delight.

Jeanie said...

Dulcy's rugs are stunning -- that orange and blue just explodes off the screen! I love the commitment to do art everyday -- one I've tried, but not nearly so successfully! Simply lovely -- I must go visit!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Dulcy reading this tonight just reminded me of how much I love you and your art.
Thanks for sharing this with us. Your so beautiful inside and out

Jaime said...

I would so love to be a part of a group like that...other creative souls to share with and become inspired with.

You create such beautiful work!

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