Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Don't You?


... get your calendar and schedule organized?
... buy a new 16 month calendar?
... sit down one evening and add all birthdays and anniversaries at one time?
... use a post it note placed a week ahead and create a to do list of easily forgotten things like buying gifts and mailing cards?
... honestly evaluate how many things in which you and your children are involved?
... try using different colored pencils for different types of obligations? I have hot pink for school, purple for Sloane, and green for church.
... consider saying no to the next obligation that comes your way?
... add a family night to the calendar each month? In pen.
... go ahead and schedule your weekly artist date?
... call ahead for hair cuts, colors, and pedicures?
... consider what you might be able to turn into a standing appointment?
... take a minute right now and set up a phone date or coffee date with an old friend?


Lubna said...

Just set a tea-date. Thanks for the reminder.

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Great ideas! Oh and I just started Julia Cameron's companion book, The Vein of Gold! Love her stuff. As a friend said to me recently, 'every time I open her book and read even just a few pages, magic happens!'. Have been needing that push to get organized. Thanks for that!
xoxo~ K.

Marilyn said...

Starting a new season always puts me in the mood to re-organize and make new lists. I do it on sticky notes on a white board with priority from top to bottom. The sticky notes allow me to move things around as priorities change. Lists are such a good thing.

Jennifer Richardson said...

doesn't it just settle your soul
to make a plan
and set some dates,
as if the biggest hurdle
is already behind you
once it's on paper
(especially in pretty colors:))
love your dried hydrangea photo.

Anonymous said...

I love your list of suggestions, Relyn. Since my daughter's been unwell it's been impossible to schedule anything, and I am such a Plannie Annie. I am having to calm myself down and just take things as they come. I'm sure it's beneficial in another way! When she's better and we're settled into a routine I will just LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

I like your ideas. I've been very focused on getting organized this month. There's something about fall that brings out the back-to-schoolness in me. And fixing up my calendar is just the ticket to getting it together. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I loved it.

Dawn said...

I've gotten quite good at pretending not to hear requests for my presence!I have to schedule my hair or I will end up with the reverse skunk effect--not good! Planning is good!

Hausfrau said...

Wonderful ideas, all!

Amy said...

Such good timing ... I was just thinking that I needed to get organized before the craziness of the season hits!

Jeanie said...

Love your lists! And that glorious hydrangea! You offer me many wonderful suggestions. Now, to carve out the time to do them!

Sweet Tea said...

"You're preachin' to the choir", Friend, I LOVE me a good list!! :-)

Tracy said...

GREAT ideas, Relyn! I do my monthly calendar before a new month rolls around, and also have two different to-do lists for most any given week. Using COLORS makes it more fun! Although, I secretly dream of a to-do-list-free life... I've been a list-maker all my life, even as a child. Maybe when I retire, I might retire the lists... haha! ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

linda said...

Love this idea!! Love it!!

susanna said...

Great ideas!

Anita said...

Relyn, I need to copy and paste your list because these are the things I set out to do and then get distracted or forgetful. Thanks for this reminder.

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