Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Faves

Don't you just love kids' expressions?

* Quote of the Week: "Would you like to have been Abraham Lincoln?" Patty asks Charlie Brown.  "I doubt it," he answers.  "I have a hard enough time being just plain Charlie Brown." ~ Charles Schutz

* Blogspiration: Jenn Hatmaker

* Song of the Week: Tomorrow is My Turn from Rhiannon Giddens

* Images of the Week: The Most Beautiful Photographs of 2014 via Distractify

* To Make You Grin: Llama font

* In Case You Missed It: Smooching

* Pretty Amazing: Archery Trick Shots

* PINspiration: Blogging, curated by Shana Bray

* Some Things I Love: black and white graphic prints, pretty dish towels, shelves full of books, clock faces, Flair pens, old hotel silver, Youtube, cowboy boots, a few hours in a bookshop, grape purple and pale green, bird feeders, taking our dogs ona  long walk, an afternoon of blog visiting, independent booksellers, time with Sloane


GraceGal said...

I'll say it again. I love your lists. Those photos were stunning! And I love Jen Hatmaker's books.

Jeanie said...

Love the photo of this exquisite child -- really, you are remarkable!

Marilyn said...

The music sublime, the photography just gorgeous, and the font was delightful. Always love your lists. Happy weekend to you!

Jeanne said...

I adore those photographs and love that song so very much.
Everything you post brings a smile and happiness.
Keep up the great work.
Much love


alexa said...

That llama font did indeed make me smile! Lovely collection as always. Oh. and I love Charlie Brown's reply ...

gkgirl said...

love the list, as i always do! <3

Mrs. E said...

And that's what I've been missing-- bookstores and a couple of hours lost in blogland! Thanks for reminding me. (You know when you don't feel like your normal self and you can't figure out why--yeah.)

Kamana said...

love your lists and links to good reading.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh thank you for inspiring me
to kiss more:):):)
many more xoxox's.
(are x's or o's the kissers?)

I love your lists,
what you love,
and you:)


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