Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Faves

my student teacher

* Quote of the Week: "The supreme happiness in life is the conviction we are loved." ~ Victor Hugo

* Several Songs: Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing

* Image of the Week: True Love images

* To Inspire You: Romantic Classics

* Anticipating: a trip to Oklahoma tonight for my Papaw's 94th birthday

  * In Case You Missed It: Valentine's Day

* Some Things I Love: Valentine's Day, thoughtful gifts from friends, homemade hearts, heartfelt student notes, baked goodies from students' parents, Valentine mailboxes, love stories, sappy movies

Happy weekend, friends.  Wishing you much love. 


Jeanne said...

Much love
I love all you share.
Happy Valentine's Day
Love Jeanne

alexa said...

Many congratulations to your Papaw and hoping you have a wonderful time ...

Marilyn said...

Happy Valentine's to you, dear friend. Loved Dirty Dancing especially the music and dancing. How lovely to be in Oklahoma for your Papaw's birthday. Oh yes, valentine's, mailboxes, baked goodies, and heartfelt notes. How very special.

Anita said...

Love the classic romances. Nothing like those old black and white movies.

Jeanie said...

A totally loverly collection! And yes, b/w movies are indeed romantic!

cristie said...

i really appreciate the work you put into your blog. Your Friday favs... end up being my springboard for fun as well.

Sloane in the swimming pool is beautiful.

Your heart is beautiful. Thank you for persevering with joy.


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